Meet Amanda


Amanda Thomas would live in an intricately detailed Victorian home, simply for the style alone. She loves the detail and care taken in the design of each piece of oversized trim, sculpted column, and ornate cornice. But since she doesn't love spending her free time cleaning these detailed spaces, Amanda prefers a sensible blend of traditional-meets-modern practical design.  And much like her taste, Amanda loves her work as an architect as much as she enjoys spending time with her new baby, running (really, really long distances), and the company of her husband and friends exploring the great outdoors. 

A Clemson undergraduate alum with her masters from Georgia Tech, Amanda began her architectural career in the commercial world.  She’s designed many civic buildings and restaurants around the upstate in her past but really found her calling when she entered the residential world.  Now, she enjoys designing everything from a sun porch addition all the way to a large-scale lake home build but continues to serve as the Design Director on the local AIA executive board to stay in touch with her commercial roots.